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    Ph D, University of Rochester, Economics, 1999.

    MS, University of Rochester, Economics, 1997.

    BA, Universidade Catolica Portuguese, Lisbon, Economics, 1992.

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    Journal Articles:

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      Albuquerque, R., Schroth, E., (Accepted). The Value of Control and the Costs of Illiquidity. Journal of Finance,

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    Service to the School:

      School of Management, Curriculum Development Activities, Concentration Liaison. (September 2013 - August 2014).
      Among other things he Concentration Liaison serves as the point person for students with questions about the concentration. While our students donít require a faculty memberís signature to declare a concentration, the person in the Liaison role must still be knowledgeable regarding the curriculum (especially the courses making up the IM concentration) and willing to spend time chatting with undergraduates. I donít think itís a huge time burden, as IM is a small concentration, but there will likely be some students with questions.

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      4th Conference on Macro-Finance Linkages, Boston University and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Committee Member. (October 4, 2013 - October 5, 2013).

  • Editorial And Review ActivitiesOpen or Close

    Albuquerque, R., Financial Research Letters, Associate Editor, International, Standing Editorship (Edited Multiple Publications), Appointed, Academic. (February 3, 2013 - Present).

  • Academic, Military and Professional PositionsOpen or Close

    Associate Editor, Finance Research Letters. (February 3, 2013 - Present).

  • Awards and HonorsOpen or Close

    Best Paper Award, Geneva Summit on Sustainable Finance, Research. (March 3, 2013).

    For paper on Corporate Social Responsibility and Asset Pricing

    Inquire Third Prize, Inquire Europe, Research. (March 3, 2013).
    2012-2013 prize for Fall 2012 Conference awarded in 3/2013.

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      Geracao Cientista (The Scientific Generation), 02/17/2007, Portuguese Public Network Television-Canal2.

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