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Professor Joglekar's research interests span systems thinking, active learning, and shaping of innovation & technology commercialization data and decisions. Current projects:

(1) Management of Multi-Domain Innovations: Ratcheting Up Product and Portfolio Complexity.

(2) Entrepreneurship: Start-up, Financing and Scaling of Growth driven Operations.

(3) Industry Studies of Energy and Hospitality Supply Chains.

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    Ph D, MIT Sloan School of Management, Management Science, 1997.

    SM, MIT School of Engineering, 1987.

    MS, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, 1984.

    BS, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (with Honors), 1977.

  • PublicationsOpen or Close

    Journal Articles:

      Erzurumlu, S., Davies, J., Joglekar, N., (2014). Managing Highly Innovative Projects: The Influence of Design Characteristics on Project Valuation. Forthcoming in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.,

      Zhang, J., Joglekar, N., Verma, R., Heineke, J., (2014). Exploring the Relationship between Eco-certifications and Resource Efficiency in U.S. Hotels. Forthcoming in Cornell Hospitality Quarterly,

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      Anderson, E., Joglekar, N., (2012). The Innovation Butterfly: Managing Emergent Opportunities and Risks during Distributed Innovation Processes. : Understanding Complexity Series, Springer.

    Book Chapters:

      Zhang, J., Joglekar, N., Verma, R., (2013). Why Multinational Corporations Still Need to Keep it Local: Environment, Operations, and Ownership in the Hospitality Industry; forthcoming in Constructing Green: Sustainability and the Places We Inhabit (R. Henn and A. J. Hoffman, Editors), : MIT Press.

      Erzurumlu, S., Tanrisever, F., Joglekar, N., (2011). "Operational Hedging Strategies to Overcome Financial Constraints during Clean Technology Startup and Growth, in Advanced analytics for green and sustainable economic development : supply chain models and financial technologies, : IGI Global, pp 112-131.

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      Anderson, E., Davis-Blake, A., Erzurumlu, S., Joglekar, N., Parker, G., (2007). Managing Distributed Product Development across Organizational Boundaries in Research Handbook of New Product Development, : Butterworth Heineman.

    Other Publications:

      Erzurumlu, S., Joglekar, N., Levesque, M., Tanrisever, F., (2013). Avoiding Capability Traps through Contingent Contracts: The Role of Cash and Knowhow in Startups.: Academy of Management Proceedings .

      Joglekar, N., (2013). Disaggregation of a Stock Variable Based on Attribute Distribution..: Proceedings of 31st International System Dynamics Conference, Cambridge, MA.

      Eppinger, S., Joglekar, N., Olechowski, A., Teo, L., (2013). Improving the System Engineering Process with Multi-domain Mapping..: 15th International Design Structure Matrix Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

      Zhang, J., Joglekar, N., Verma, R., (2012). Green Moments of Truth: Environmental Signaling Using Eco-labels in High Contact Service Systems.: Proceedings of 12th International Research Conference on Service Management, La Londe, France.

      Erzurumlu, S., Davies, J., Joglekar, N., (2012). Operations Design to Enhance ARPA-E Funding for Transformational Clean Technology Start-ups.: Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research (FER), accepted through the 32nd Babson Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Dallas, TX.

      Joglekar, N., Anderson, E. G., (2011). Innovation Projects & Portfolios: Admitting Change and Rework to Meet Escalating Expectations. Washington, D.C.: International System Dynamics Conference.

      Joglekar, N., Anderson, E., (2009). Global Talent Management: Challenges of Attrition, Productivity and Non-Linear Growth. Mumbai, India: International conference on Decision Sciences in Global Enterprise Management.

  • Research PresentationsOpen or Close

    Invited Lectures:

      Joglekar, N., (Presenter & Author), Tanrisever, F., (Author Only), Erzurumlu, S., (Author Only), Levsque, M., (Author Only), The Entrepreneurial Newsvendor: Impact of Information Asymmetry on Operational Hedging and Profitability, Georgia Institute of Technology, OM Seminar. (November 6, 2013).

      Joglekar, N., (Presenter & Author), Eppinger, S., (Author Only), Olechowski , A., (Author Only), Teo, L., (Author Only), Improving the Systems Engineering Process with Multi-Domain Mapping, Cambridge University, Judge Business School OM Seminar. (June 2013).

      Joglekar, N., (Presenter and Author), Tanrisever, F., (Author Only), Erzurumlu, S., (Author Only), MIT Sloan School of Management, OM Seminar, The Entrepreneurial Newsvendor: Impact of Information Asymmetry on Debt, Operational Hedging and Profitability. (September 22, 2012).

      Joglekar, N., (Presenter Only), MIT System Design & Management Conference on Systems Thinking for Contemporary Challenges Plenary session viewable at, Analytics for Managing Product & Portfolio Systems. (October 2012).

      Joglekar, N., (Panelist), Academy of Management, Professional Development Workshop on Integrating Operations Management and Entrepreneurship. (2012).

      Joglekar, N., (Panelist), INFORMS, Meet the Editors (Panel),Joint session hosted by Technology Management and Organization Science Tracks. (2012).

      Joglekar, N., (Presenter & Author), Davies, J., (Author Only), Carnegie Mellon University, The Market Value of Supply Chain Flexibility: Theory and Evidence from the Clean Energy Industry, Seminar Series on Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Technological Change (SET Change). (2011).

      Joglekar, N., (Presenter & Author), Anderson, E. G., (Presenter & Author), College of PI&TM Annual Conference, The Innovation Butterfly: Systemic and Behavioral Risks in Distributed Innovation, Production & Operations Management Society, Charlotte. (2011).

      Joglekar, N., (Presenter and Author), Zhang, J., (Author Only), Verma, R., (Author Only), Constructing Green Conference, Sustainability in the Built Hospitality Environment, Erb Institute, University of Michigan. (June 22, 2010).

      Joglekar, N., (Presenter & Author), Zhang, J., (Author Only), Verma, R., (Author Only), Cornell Hospitality Research Summit, Pushing the Frontier of Sustainable Operations, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. (2010).

      Joglekar, N., (Presenter Only), Annual Conference, Role of Technology in Global Enterprise (Key Note Address), International conference on Decision Sciences in Global Enterprise Management, Bombay, India. (2009).