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  • Office: 607
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  • Address: Boston University School of Management
    595 Commonwealth Avenue
    Boston, MA 02215
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    Ph D, University of California Berkeley, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, 1995.

    MS, University of California Berkeley, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, 1989.

    BS, Cornell University, Operations Research, 1987.

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    Journal Articles:

      Pekoz, E., Rollin, A., Ross, N., (2013). Degree asymptotics with rates for preferential attachment random graphs.. Annals of Applied Probability, 3(23), 1188-1218.

      Sullivan, J. L., Shwartz, M., Burgess, J. F., Pekoz, E. A., Christiansen, C. L., Gerena-Melia, M., Berlowitz, D., (2013). Person Centered Care Practices and Quality in Department of Veterans Affairs Nursing Homes: Is There a Relationship?. Medical Care, 51(2), 165-171.

      Shwartz, M., Pekoz, E., Burgess, J., Christiansen, C., (2013). Shrinkage estimators for composite measure of quality conceptualized as a formative construct. Health Services Research, 48(1), 271-289.

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      Pekoz, E., Shwartz, M., Christiansen, C., Berlowitz, D., (2010). Approximate Models for Aggregate Data When Individual-Level Data Sets Are Very Large or Unavailable. Statistics in Medicine, 29(32), 2180-2193.

      Stolzmann, K., Meterko, M., Shwartz, M., Young, G., Pekoz, E., Benzer, J., Osatuke, K., White, B., Mohr, D., (2010). Accounting for Variation in Technical Quality and Patient Satisfaction: The Contribution of Patient, Provider, Team and Medical Center. Medical Care, 48(8), 676-682.

      Shwartz, M., Ren, Z., Pekoz, E., Wang, X., Cohen, A., Restuccia, J., (2008). Estimating A Composite Measure of Hospital Quality From the Hospital Compare Database: Differences When Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Latent Variable Model Versus Denominator-Based Weights. Medical Care, 46(8), 778-785.

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