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Profile Summary

Susan Fournier is Professor of Marketing, Questrom Professor in Management, and Faculty Director of the MBA Program at Boston University. Susan is credited with founding the brand relationships sub-field in marketing and claims six best paper awards to her credit, including the Long-Term Contribution Award in Consumer Research and Emerald’s Citations of Excellence Award for the top 50 articles in Management. Susan maintains a portfolio of research that explores the creation and capture of value through branding and brand relationships. Current projects explore the links between brand strategy and shareholder value, brand co-creation and consumer-generated advertising, the management of person-brands, the power and process of brand parodies, metrics for brand strength and brand community health measurement, attachment style effects on brand relationships, relationship dissolution, and the lived experiences of brand flings, abusive marriages, and secret affairs. Susan is also the author of many best-selling Harvard case studies on branding. She is a long-standing member of the Editorial Boards of Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Relationship Marketing, Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, and Marketing Theory. She serves as Senior Consulting Editor for Journal of Brand Management and sits on the Senior Advisory Board of the Journal of Product and Brand Management. She is At-Large Director of the Association for Consumer Research. Susan consults with a range of companies to inform her teaching, case development, and research. Prior to joining BU, Susan served on the faculties of Harvard Business School and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. She also held a VP/Director position at Young & Rubicam Advertising and served in market research roles at Polaroid Corporation and Yankelovich Clancy Shulman.

  • Education Open or Close

    Ph D, University of Florida, Marketing, 1994.

    MS, The Pennsylvania State University, Marketing, 1983.

    BS, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Marketing, 1980.

  • PublicationsOpen or Close

    Journal Articles:

      Fournier, S., (2014). Breaking Up is Hard to Do: The Ups and Downs of Divorcing Brands. GfK Marketing Intelligence Review, 6(1), 28-33. Nuremberg.

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      Fournier, S., Fetscherin, M., Breazeale, M., Breazeale, M., (2012). Consumer-Brand Relationships: Theory and Practice. London: Routledge: Taylor & Francis Group.

    Book Chapters:

      Fournier, S., Breazeale, M., (2012). "Where do We Go from Here? Charting Directions for Brand Relationships Research," in Consumer-Brand Relationships: Theory and Practice, Fournier, Breazeale and Fetscherin (eds.), London: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

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    Working Papers:

      Paulssen, M., Fournier, S., Brunel, F., (2011). Attachment Style and the Strength of Commercial Relationships: A Longitudinal Study. : Boston University School of Management Working Paper.

      Fournier, S., Hsu, L., Srinivasan, S., (2011). "How Brand Portfolio Strategy Affects Firm Value," Marketing Science Working Paper Series, Report No. 11-112. Boston MA: Marketing Science Institute .

    Other Publications:

      Fournier, S., Eckhardt, G., (2013). Managing a Corporeal Brand. (September, 24, ).: Compro Biz Blog Network.

      Fournier, S., Rietveld, B., (2013). To Understand Big Data, Think Like an Anthropologist. (November, 22, ). Boston: Harvard Business Review Blog Network.

      Fournier, S., Heineke, J., (2013). Learning with the Case Study Method. Boston : Boston University.

      Fournier, S., (2013). Get More Value out of Social Media Brand Chatter. (December, 6, ). Boston: Harvard Business Review Blog Network.

      Fournier, S., Eckhardt, G., Bardhi, F., (2012). Acquiring Zipcar: Brand Building in the Share Economy. Boston: Boston University Case Series 12-004.

      Brunel, F., Lawrence, B., Fournier, S., (2010). Towards a Contingency Theory of Consumers’ Engagement with CGAS. Duluth: Advances in Consumer Research, Margaret C. Campbell and Jeff Inman and Rik Pieters (Eds.).

      Fournier, S., Brunel, F., (2008). Todos Somos Publicistas (We are all publicists now).: Expansion.

  • Research PresentationsOpen or Close

    Invited Lectures:

      Trudel, R., (Author Only), Fournier, S., (Presenter & Author), Trudel, R., (Author Only), Trudel, R., (Author Only), Meng, M., (Presenter & Author), AMA Marketing & Public Policy, Locked-In to Logging-On: Understanding the Experience and Attenuation of Facebook Addiction, Boston, MA. (June 7, 2014).

      Fournier, S., (Presenter & Author), Brands in the Balance: Managing Continuity and Change, Overcoming Customer Relationship Myopia to Build Stronger Brands, Marketing Science Institute, Charleston, SC. (February 11, 2014).

      Fournier, S., (Presenter & Author), Marketing Seminar Series, Contracting with Brands, Univeristy of Massachusetts Amherst Marketing Department, Amherst, MA. (October 18, 2013).

      Fournier, S., (Presenter & Author), Association for Consumer Research Conference, Perspectives on Brands and Branding, Association for Consumer Research, Chicago IL. (October 4, 2013).

      Fournier, S., (Presenter & Author), ING Global Colloquium on Brands and Consumption Practices, Understanding Brand Relationship Development, University of Connecticut, Department of Marketing, Storrs, CT. (April 5, 2013).

  • General ServiceOpen or Close

    Service to the School:

      International, Public/Community, Pro Bono Professional Service, New York Philharmonic. (February 2012 - Present).
      Strategy advisor

      School of Management, MBA Program, PDC Chair. (August 21, 2012 - Present).

      School of Management, Marketing Department, Prepare/Grade Certification Exams, Marketing Doctoral Program Qualifying Exams. (May 2009 - Present).

      Boston University, Committee Member, Provost's Advisory Group. (September 2011 - Present).

      School of Management, Marketing Department, Third Year Reviewer, Remi Trudel, Marketing Department . (October 2012 - November 2012).

      School of Management, Working Group/Task Force Participation, Committee Member, Part-Time MBA Program Re-Design Committee. (October 2012 - December 2012).
      Secondary research, focus group moderation and analysis, report writing

      School of Management, APT Member, Appointments and Tenure Committee. (August 2009 - July 2011).

      School of Management, Strategy & Innovation Department, Third Year Reviewer, Review for Stine Grodal, S&I. (April 2010 - July 2010).
      Stine Grodal, Strategy & Innovation

      School of Management, Working Group/Task Force Participation, Committee Member, Sustainability Task Force. (September 2010 - December 2010).
      Develop point of view on sustainability as a differentiating platform of value creation for BU SMG

      School of Management, Public & Nonprofit Program, Advisor, PNP Rebranding Initiative. (January 2009 - July 2009).
      Supervise research into the equity of the PNP brand and consult on branding implications

      School of Management, DBA Program, Committee Member, Doctoral Program Development Committee. (January 2006 - August 2009).
      Doctoral program strategy and execution; Marketing department student/program liason

      School of Management, Working Group/Task Force Participation, Committee Member, Ad-hoc Committee on Non-Tenure Track Promotion Criteria. (June 2007 - June 2008).
      Develop promotion standards for non-tenure track faculty at the University.

      School of Management, Marketing Department, Committee Chair, Marketing Department Strategy Committee. (2006 - 2006).

    Service to the Profession:

      Professional, Tenure Reviewer for Another Institution, Tenure Letter Writer for Various Institutions including Columbia, SUNY, University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth, Arkansas. (2000 - Present).

      Professional, Committee Member, Research and Innovation Advisory Panel, Frito-Lay . (2010 - Present).

      Professional, Committee Member, Marketing Science Institute, Grant Proposal Reviewer. (2006 - Present).

      Professional, Committee Member, Association for Consumer Research Program Committee. (1998 - 2012).
      Responsibilities for the years 2012, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2001, 1999, 1998

      Professional, Association for Consumer Research, Reviewer for Nicosia Award. (October 2011 - December 2011).

      Professional, Track Organizer, Association for Consumer Research, Consumer-Brand Behavior Track. (February 2010 - October 2010).

      Professional, Member, Association for Consumer Research Doctoral Symposium Faculty. ( - 2010).
      For the years 2000 (as Founder and Chair), 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011

      Professional, Association of Consumer Research, Review Committee for Ferber Award. ( - October 2006).

      Professional, Board of Advisors of a Company, Association for Consumer Research. (2003 - 2005).
      Special research-based assignments in support of President's mission and strategic plans.

      Professional, Committee Member, American Marketing Association Doctoral Consortium Faculty. (1998 - 2004).
      For the years 2004, 2003, 2000, 1999, 1998

  • Conference ActivitiesOpen or Close

      Brands and Brand Relationships BBR 2014, Conference Chair, (June 1, 2013 - May 30, 2014).

      Creating and Co-Creating Customer Value, Academy of Marketing Science , Track Chair, Brands and Identity, (May 30, 2013 - May 30, 2014).

      Association for Consumer Research Annual Conference, Association for Consumer Research, Special Sessions Review Committee, Committee Member. (2012 - Present).

      Consumer-Brand Relationships CBR 2013, Conference Co-Chair, (May 30, 2012 - May 30, 2013).

      Consumer Brand Relationships 2012, Simmons College, Conference Co-Chair, (September 2011 - May 2012).

      Branding: A Research Symposium, I.A.E. and Cerag, Conference Co-Chair, (May 2012 - June 22, 2012).

      2nd International Colloquium on Consumer-Brand Relationships, Rollins College, Conference Co-Chair, (September 2010 - March 21, 2011).

      Association for Consumer Research Program Committee, Association for Consumer Research, Committee Member. (1998 - 2011).

      ACR Consumer-Brand Behavior Track, Association for Consumer Research, Track Chair, (May 2010 - October 2010).

      AMA Summer Educator's Conference, Branding and Brand Measurement, American Marketing Association, Track Chair, (September 2009 - August 2010).

      1st International Colloquium on Consumer-Brand Relationships, Rollins College, Conference Co-Chair, (October 2009 - April 26, 2010).

      Capturing and Creating Value through Marketing, BU SMG Feld Career Center, Conference Founder and Chair, (February 2010 - April 2010).

      ACR Doctoral Symposium Faculty, Association for Consumer Research, (2000 - 2010).

      ACR Branding Area Editor, Association for Consumer Research Annual Conference, (March 2007 - October 2007).

      Engaging Communities for the Company and the Brand, BU/Marketing Science Institute, Conference Chair, (August 25, 2007 - December 7, 2007).

      AMA Doctoral Consortium Faculty, American Marketing Association, Committee Member. (May 1998 - May 2004).

      ACR Doctoral Symposium, Association for Consumer Research, Conference Chair, (May 21, 2000 - October 21, 2000).

  • ConsultingOpen or Close

    Marketing Consulting, Altria, Arnold Worldwide, Avedis Zildjian, Boies Schiller Flexner, Brunswick Corporation, Coca-Cola Company, Creative Realities, Danone International, Frito Lay, GfK Research, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Houston Symphony, IBM, Intel Corporation, Interpublic Group of Companies, Irving Oil, League of American Orchestras, McKinsey, M/A/R/C, New York Philharmonic, PECO Energy, Pepperidge Farm, Philips Electronics, Procter & Gamble, Saatchi & Saatchi, Siminn, SAS Airlines, Young & Rubicam. (1998 - Present).

    Litigation, Jekel Doolittle. (September 2009 - September 2013).

    Breach of agreement related to branded entertainment program developed for the Verizon Wireless brand.

    Litigation, KENNY NACHWALTER, P.A., Miami, FL. (May 1, 2013 - June 15, 2013).
    Kroger v. AMEX case

    Litigation, Boies Schiller & Flexner LLP. ( - January 2001).
    Brand value destruction via breach of license and lack of distribution stewardship and control

  • Editorial And Review ActivitiesOpen or Close

    Fournier, S., Journal of Marketing, Editorial Board Member, International, Appointed, Academic. (July 2011 - Present).

    Fournier, S., Journal of Consumer Research, Editorial Board Member, International, Appointed, Academic. (2000 - Present).

    Fournier, S., Journal of Relationship Marketing, Editorial Board Member, Appointed, Academic. (2004 - Present).

    Fournier, S., Marketing Theory, Editorial Board Member, Appointed, Academic. (2002 - Present).

    Fournier, S., Journal of Brand Management, Senior Consulting Editor, International, Standing Editorship (Edited Multiple Publications), Appointed, Academic. (September 2012 - Present).

    Fournier, S., Journal of Product and Brand Management, Senior Advisory Board Member, International, Standing Editorship (Edited Multiple Publications), Appointed, Academic. (February 26, 2013 - Present).

    Fournier, S., Mercati & Competivita, Scientific Committee, International, Standing Editorship (Edited Multiple Publications), Appointed, Academic. (February 26, 2013 - Present).

    Fournier, S., Tenure Letter Writer, Various Universities, Invited Manuscript Reviewer, Academic. (January 21, 2008 - Present).

  • Awards and HonorsOpen or Close

    Citations of Excellence Award, Emerald Publishing, Research. (January 26, 2013).

    This award from Emerald Publishing recognizes the top 50 articles with proven impact since the publication date of 2009 from among 15,000 articles published in the top 300 management journals in the world, including Harvard Business Review; Journal of Finance; Journal of Marketing; Strategic Management Journal; Academy of Management Journal; and MIS Quarterly. Winning articles are selected using a two-tier process to identify publications with impact, first based on citations, and then, through an editorial judging panel who reviews the top-cited articles using additional impact metrics including: Citation, Usage, Inclusion of research in courseware, Media comment, Implementation in practice, Transformation of research for new audiences, and Awards. Awarded for the article: Fournier and Avery (2009), “Getting Brand Community Right,” Harvard Business Review, April, 105-111.

    Long-term Contribution Award, Association for Consumer Research and Sheth Foundation, Research. (October 2011).
    This Sheth Foundation award is presented by the Association of Consumer Research to honor the long-term contribution of an article published in Journal of Consumer Research at least ten years prior to the award date. Four articles have received this distinction; my paper is the first sole-authored work to receive this award.

    Sheth Foundation Best Paper Award, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Research. (June 2007).
    For the paper, "Brands Matter: An Empirical Demonstration of the Creation of Shareholder value through Branding," published in Volume 34, No. 2 of JAMS and selected by the JAMS editorial board to receive the award.

    Best Article Award, Journal of Consumer Research, Research. (July 2007).
    For the paper, "When Good Brands Do Bad," published in Volume 31, Number 1, June 2004. This reward, voted on by the Journal of Consumer Research Editorial Board, and elected by the journal's Policy Board, considers papers that have been in circulation for the prior three years and attempts to capture an article's long-term value, contributionand impact.

    Best Article Award, Journal of Consumer Research. (2001).
    For article "Consumers and their Brands."

    Harold H. Maynard Award for Most Significant Contribution to Theory and Thought, Journal of Marketing. (1999).
    For 1999 article "Rediscovering Satisfaction.

    Honorable Mention Ferber Award, Journal of Consumer Research, Research. (1998).
    Awarded for 1994 article "Consumers and their BRands." Award recognizes the best and most impactful article published from a dissertation and appearing in the journal in 1994.

    MSI Dissertation Award, Marketing Science Institute, Research. (1994).
    Awarded to the Best Marketing Disseration